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The life after death

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The life after death

A very frequently asked question relates to the continuity of life after death. Various scientists and researchers have dedicated themselves to finding answers for this question and such answers indicate we do end at death; religions have also affirmed that, in some way, life continues in the after-life, even if only in a latent state, while waiting for its resurrection.

A question of the highest importance thus arises: If we are all going to die one day, how will we situate ourselves in this “after-life”? Are we going to be place in some celestial storage facility, and wait for the final judgement? Or maybe we will be left in a state of exhilaration  staring at the divine throne, forever and ever? Or maybe we will be placed on a cloud to play the harp?

 Would a being of such dynamic nature, as are human beings, be able to stand a state of idleness, apathy, and emptiness, for all Eternity?

 The spirits, themselves, have given a most comprehensive explanation about the "other side" of life. This information arrived mostly by the work of mediums via psychographic communications, located at various places on Earth, on various historical periods. The EVP has also served to spirits, who communicate via electronic equipments, to pass on similar information.

 On these messages, mostly addressed to relatives and friends, sprits tell their experience while crossing to the other side – the spiritual dimension – and how this new reality presents itself.

 The first detailed news we heard about this spiritual world were brought by Reverend G. Vale Owen, a vicar from Oxford, who mechanically psychographed various messages from his mother, already deceased, and from other more enlightened spirits. These messages, which are, in fact, reports about dimensions that are invisible to us, were published in 1920-1921. 

However, the messenger of much broader and more detailed reports of an spiritual dimension, and the life and activities of its inhabitants, was the spirit of Andre Luiz, who authored 11 books psychographed by the medium Francisco Cândido Xavier (Chico Xavier): The Astral City, The Messengers, Missionaries of Light, Workers of the Eternal Life, At the Bigger World, Liberation, Between Earth and Sky, At the Domains of Mediumship, Action and Reaction, Sex and Destiny, And Life Goes On (not all have been translated into English yet).

 André Luiz shows us that this other side of life is very similar to the side we have here. There are many similarities. Nobody is wandering around as a ghost, nor playing harp on a cloud. The spiritual world is as real and dynamic to spirits as the physical world is to us.     

This is the main reason why many spirits do not know, or cannot believe, that they have passed away. These are those who thought that by dying they would go to heaven, to purgatory or even to hell, or that death would “erase” them forever. Instead, they find themselves almost in the same situation as before. Many go back home, or go back to the working environment. They see people and speak to them, but as one can imagine, people do not pay any attention to what they say or do. Based on this, they believe they turned out crazy or that they are living an interminable nightmare. Some watch their own memorial service and burial, but do not accept the idea that those funerals are theirs.

 Various spirits on these conditions may approach somebody else, namely a relative or a friend, and may start to “feed” from his or her energy and at the same time communicate his own suffering, which may provoke numerous symptoms, both physical and mental, not really treatable by conventional medicine.

 One of the main activities of a Spiritist Center, especially in Brazil, is the instruction of such spirits, better, known as “suffering spirits”. Mediums are prepared to incorporate a spirit like this while a trained instructor speaks to him or her and explain the reality. The entire group involves the suffering spirit in a vibration of love and peace. In this way, his pain is alleviated and his vibratory level starts to improve.

Such vibratory elevation is necessary so that he or she can be assisted by benefactors and taken to a treatment centre in the spiritual word.

 There also those who, after the death of the physical body, return to the spiritual world quite conscious of what is going on, that is, they know, or at least have a guess that they desincarnated, or “passed away”.

 When somebody dies (desincarnate), it is very important to send him or her vibrations of love, instead of the usual manifestation of despair that takes place in these occasions.

 Spirits, through mediumship, have very often told us about their dramas, having reported about their sufferance and afflictions due to despair and lack of balance of their relatives and friends, after their death. They report that the tears shared by their beloved ones who stayed behind arrive to them with a lot of intensity and thus cause them very intense distress.

 For all these reasons, while facing the death of a dear one, people should maintain a respectful, peaceful, and balanced attitude, and to be in a state of prayer. The one who has just “left” needs these vibrations of peace and these prayers, very much.



What is vibratory frequency?

Thought and emotion produce what is called, vibration, and its substance reflects what is in our soul, thus defining its frequency, from the lowest to the highest level our own condition may generate.

 The writer Francisco Carvalho, on the book Human Energetic Influences, elaborated an imaginary scale that goes from 0 to a 100 degrees, with the following values: at the degree 0 we have hate, the emotion with the lowest vibratory substance; at 10 the desire of revenge; at 20 envy and jealousy; at 30 resentment, bitterness and so forth, up to the neutral feelings, which are place at 50 degrees. At 70 degrees, at the positive zone, we will find hope; at 80 faith; at 90 prayer and joy; and finally, at a 100, it is where love is located, the strongest positive vibration that exists.

 At the scale of negative vibrations, we may add the numerous vicious behaviours, addictions, cruelty, perversity, and other types of perversion; and the conversations about the topics related to lower passions and addictions, etc.

 On the other hand, in order to elevate the vibration substance, we could add the noble feelings, the readings and conversations directed at subjects relating to religiousness, fraternity, and pure love; the healthy joy and meditation about lightening topics, in short, everything that may connect us and open our channels towards the highest forces of life.

 This information is based on scientific research such as the very well know studies which were carried out by North-American universities, in which a group of people vibrated with feelings of hate and desire of destruction towards some plants place in a room, while another group vibrated with love and affection towards plants located in another room. The first group of plants suffered all the damning effects of those vibrations: they faded, and some even died. The other ones, which received the vibration of love, became healthier and even prettier. Well, if a plant may suffer such influences, what can we say about human beings!

 Concerning information about spirits and the spiritual world, there is an extensive bibliography in the subject, particularly the works psycographed by Chico Xavier, which include writings and signatures of persons who have lived. When analysed by scientific experts, these concluded to be indeed the hand writing and signature of the deceased person who claimed to have dictated (or written by incorporation) the piece of work.


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