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 Why has the Christian world rejected so greatly the idea of reincarnation even though reincarnation reflects the most perfect wisdom, justice and is completely logical?

 History shows us that in the early days of Christianity, the “church’s fathers” such as Priests Origins, Plating and Clement of Alexandria accepted and taught reincarnation though it was not always very clear in the documents. Saint Augustine wrote in Confessions 1 chapter VI “Didn’t I live in another body or in some other place before I entered into the womb of my mother?”

Christianity acquired and adapted some of its practices from the Roma Paganism to the catholic format. This is seen its rituals, hierarchy, Images etc, which move away from the idea of reincarnation and the teachings of Jesus. Jesus taught simplicity and poverty of life as well as love of God and fellow man. The Christian church did this to maintain control and power over its followers. If the Christian people had the knowledge of reincarnation, they would control their destiny. The church would not hold the keys to Heaven.  If the followers could no longer be terrorized by threats of fire and brimstone of Hell or attracted by the glory and delight of Heaven, the churches’ power would go up in smoke.

 Thus, all Christians, in fear of being called heretics, were forced to believe in the dogma that states the spirit is created at the time of conception.

 After centuries of harsh teaching by the Christian church, a fear of sinning and suffering terrible consequences imprisoned the minds of the masses more and more in each Christian incarnation. So much so that today, the simple act of questioning this Catholic or Protestant dogma now fills the people with fear of committing a terrible sin that they will have to pay for through confession or other means. We must remember what Jesus said: “you will know the truth and it will make you free.”

 Which truth is Jesus referring to? It could not have been something he taught because he said, “you will know” referring to the future. Neither he nor his followers showed any new knowledge that could represent this truth. This is made very clear when he says “the truth will make you free.” Until the truth comes the followers will be prisoners and only after the knowledge of the truth, they will be free.

 The law of reincarnation with the law of cause and effect brought by the spirits and signed by the Spirit of Truth is the only true religious enlightenment after Jesus that can really set the Christian followers free. Allan Kardec assembled a magnificent collection of information and published it in “The Spirit’s Book.”

 Jesus’ teachings are not a formula to free us. Some would say they free us from our sins, but the Christian World continues to sin as always. If one analyzes reincarnation deeply without the church’s preconceived mind set of divine justice, we become fascinated by the logic, wisdom, and love that our Creator had for us in creating the law of progress though successive lives.

 Reincarnation is a truly liberator.  He who believes in reincarnation and in the law of cause and effect feels really free. He is the owner of himself and has the unique responsibility of the own path. He knows that everything that he sow, he will have of reap.  Another disturbing question is, the belief that each of the hundreds of Christian religions affirm that they are the only true and legitimate representatives of God.  If I am of the religion X and I believe firmly that mine is true, what is the situation of the persons of the other religions that also believes with all firmness and sincerity that the their religion is the true one?  If the line of demarcation between them is so faint, how can one know which is to legitimate?  Jesus did not create any religion.  He taught the ethics of life, affirming in several opportunities that to each a will receive according to his works.  He taught the importance of the virtues of the soul. He never said that someone goes to hell because he believes in this or in that.

 Reincarnation is a very old philosophy. It is present since the most ancient civilizations and found in almost every religious system around the world including primitive tribes. This demonstrates that such an idea wasn’t invented. It is as if this knowledge came from one’s own spirit.

 Great thinkers like Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato affirmed reincarnation as a philosophic fundament.

 Reincarnation and the law cause and effect (Karma) are expressed many times of the Bible.

 In the episode of the transfiguration, after Jesus talked to Moses and Elias in the presence of Peter, Santiago and John, they asked him “Why the Scribes say that it is necessary that Elias comes first? Jesus answered by saying that Elias had come but they didn’t recognized him, so the disciples understood that he was referring to John the Baptist (Mathew 17:12 e 13).

 Now, if Elias was John the Baptist, this fact could only happened through Reincarnation, because John the Baptist presented himself to Jesus as he was in a previous life (Elias), when he was a prophet of the Old Testament.

 In Mat.11: 14, Jesus confirms this truth when referring to John the Baptist says: “If you could understand, it will be the same Elias who should come”. Look at this, the Master had doubt about the understanding capacity of theirs disciples, because he says: “If you can understand”.

 The confirmation of Reincarnation also appears in other texts: In Mat. 16:13 e 14 is said: “and Jesus asked to the disciples: What do the men say about who I am? And some of them answered: John the Baptist; and others Elias and others, Jeremy or some of the Prophets”.

 Now, how could Jesus have been some of these prophets of the Old Testament if not through Reincarnation?

 In the conversation with Nicodemo, who was Doctor of the Law, Jesus was more explicit: “what comes from the flesh, flesh is and what is comes from the Spirit, Spirit is; don’t be surprise if I say, it is necessary that you was born again (John 3:6).




Civilization is measured by the degree that a town

has a fair system; coherent and wise in its laws

and how much it allows its transgressors the possibility

to adjust the wrong deeds he has done to society.

In the Old Testament we can see how primitive

man had notions of justice. Could it have been

God Himself that had made the Old Testament?






Reincarnation has already past

the thesis of religion and

philosophy and is now being

researched by scientists.





Countless scientists are dedicating their research in a wide range of investigations. Past life therapy, marks from past lives and even resources used by criminal experts like datilscope which prove the same digital figure prints of people reincarnated with personality and memory of who they were in past a past life.

 In research made by the joint staff of Doctor Psychologist Dr. Ian Stevenson when he was the director at the University of Virginia, USA of the Psychiatric and Neurology Department, Dr. Stevenson researched and cataloged more than 3000 cases, 20 of which were published in a book of 520 pages, entitled 20 Suggestive Cases of Reincarnation.

 In this research, one of the cases is about William George, an old fisherman from Alaska. The following is his history: George told his son and his daughter-in-law that if reincarnation were true, he would return as their son, meaning as his own grandson. George gave them his gold watch by asked them to keep it for him. He told them that he would be recognized by the birthmark that he would have in his new body and he showed them two signs on his body: one on the shoulder and the other one on the forearm. George affirmed that they would be the same marks. Some months later he disappeared on the sea, during a storm.

 Some time later the daughter-in-law, Suzan, became pregnant and had their ninth son who had the two signs the same and in the same place as the grandfather. This curious trait was forgotten until he boy reached four years of age. The boy came across the old gold watch that the grandfather had left and the mother had save in her jewelry box. Immediately the boy grabbed it and said, “look my watch!” and wouldn’t let go of it. After tears and a scandal, the parents were able to take it from him even though he continued to affirm that it was his.

 Dr. Stevenson registered all of the evidences of reincarnation and observed that from an early age, the boy had remarkable resemblance of the grandfather. His likes and dislikes, inclinations and little mannerisms as well as aptitudes were present in the boy. He demonstrated an inherent knowledge in everything that referred to fishing. He was able to inform which were the bays that had the most fish. Even the way he walked was similar, with his right leg leaning out, exactly the way old George did as he had hurt thigh when he was young. 

If that weren’t enough, the first time that he saw his grandfather’s sister he yelled out in excitement, “look there’s my sister!!!” When speaking of his father and uncles he referred to them as his son’s and worried when two of them exaggerated in drinking.

 Others researchers, professor Dr. Hamendra Nat Banerjee (University of Jaipur, India) with a millions of cases and the Dr. Hernani Guimarães Andrade (Brazil) also had excellent results in his investigation related to reincarnation memories and birthmarks.

These spontaneous memories generally occur in children when they are about to speak. They make references in a very natural way to facts and situations of the last reincarnation as if the current life were a continuation of the past life. Some show themselves in conformed with the current situation like the case of a boy born in one of the poorest levels of India and he said that he was of noble family. The researchers following the indications given by the boy arrived to that family that was located thousands of kilometers away. Verifying everything said by the kid, including names of relatives and people he knew as well as the time and the way in which he died.

 The memories are tied with the birthmarks that reflect the way in which he died or traumas that occurred during in the previous life. The marks and memories occur when the rebirth occurs shortly after the death of the previous existence.

  In 1997 Dr. Stevenson published a book in two volumes, with 2.500 pages, Biology and Reincarnation, with many documented cases of spontaneous memories related to birthmarks. 

 Also, the French physician Dr. Patrick Droop has been finding answers for the reincarnation in the light of the modern physics.

 At the same time, in other investigations, we are going to find professionals in health, for example the Drs. Morris Netherton, Bryan Weiss, Edith Fiori, Denys Kelsey and some others that are accumulating reincarnate experiences through the past life regression in theirs medical offices.


Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between metempsychosis and reincarnation?

In the past, the teaching of reincarnation had two different aspects; one was the esoteric, transmitted to the beginners and the other to more advantage disciples.

 The teaching of reincarnation to the beginners admitted that a human spirit was able to reincarnate in inferiors persons. M Metempsychosis is a means of maintaining the fear of the people high so that they will be obedient. Religious leaders claim that if the followers are disobedient they will be reborn as an animal or vegetable. Later Judaic-Christianism religions transformed the fear reincarnation in the form of an animal or plant to the fear of going to hell for all eternity.

 The second teaching of reincarnation corresponded to the same as the spiritualism as well as to the currently scientific investigations. It does not admit the possibility of a man becoming an animal or vegetable. This would be regressive reincarnation, which is against the law of progress.


Frequently Asked Question #2

Why we don’t we remember our passed life?

 Nature is wise and there is always a reason for everything. Think about how would it be if we remembered all our painful and terrible experiences from past lives; if we remembered about all the bad things we did and received; about the hatred and the love.

Do you think that our minds would be able to handle such a heavy psychic load?

We are blessed with the veil of unawareness, all the material collected in our reincarnations remain filed in our unconscious. This allows us to have a new existence with a completely new opportunity, to begin again without suffering any pressure of the passed life memories. This way the new existence can be reconstructed more freely. All of ones aptitudes, moral values and other individual conquests remain latent giving continuity according to the opportunity. One can have access to some memories during a dream that will favor his or her life by helping to accept his/her test.

 If we remembered our passed life, how could we receive a son who harmed us in the past? However, with the veil of amnesia, the new parents eliminate the hatred that could exist in their new relationship.

 Besides this, life is tiring.  Throughout our reincarnation we loose a lot of energy. Our capacity of living, vibrating and loving becomes exhausted. A person with 80 or 100 years old even if he had the physical energy would not find the same pleasure in his existence or the same search for challenges that he/she used to have when young. This is because it already searched, lived and got all it needed and it is now in the tired stage and sometimes in the disappointed stage too. It is like a party that has ended and all of the energies have been consumed.

It would be terrible if a person had to live 100, 200 or 300 years. It would be difficult if not impossible for our minds to take such a big charge.

 Death does not transform the person, he who is bad person here in our physical space will keep on being bad one after the its death; he who is miserly, proud and unmoral will keep on being equal in the spiritual world. Nobody will become a saint because he has died.

 Frequently, spirits reincarnate in environments or family where they used to live. It is the opportunity given by the Universal Law in order to rebuild his/her ways, to correct his/her mistakes and faults and to correct all bad things he/she did in the past.

 Spirits may also go back to earth in a strange environment. He, who was bad son, will have the opportunity to be reborn as an abandoned boy to learn to give value to the family. He, who was proud, will have the opportunity to return in poverty conditions or subaltern to learn to be more humble, he who had prejudice perhaps will come back without health or may wish to work without physical conditions to do so. He, who spoke in a bad way, proclaiming false testimonies, stimulating the immorality, the violence, the wicked or the lack of believing in God, will in his life have the opportunity to be born with speech problems or completely mute because of the type of energy generated and accumulated in the speech organs. The same happens regarding the sexual deviations and other vices that interfere in the spiritual body conditions reflecting in the future reincarnations problems. Suicide affects our spiritual body deeply and generates diverse anomalies when he/she is reincarnated in the future organism.

 Spirits, with little evolution, reincarnate in their material body almost automatically through the mechanism that guides reincarnation. Those spirits that have more moral progress and those that bring important missions for the well being of humanity are handle with great care, from the elaboration of their biological map for the formation of their body to the habitat that they will be raised in. The newborn’s parents, family, and environment are chosen for the best completion of the task.

 Reincarnation is the only plausible explanation for the innumerable differences that exist between persons, starting with the belief in the existence of a just God that is responsible for the laws that administrate life. Reincarnation reflects the balance and wisdom of the evolution mechanisms. Suffering with the difficulties and trails of life are great professors that teach us to live and to live together.

Indeed, our mistakes here in the earth are the cause of our suffering. Not because God punishes but rather suffering is one of the necessary teaching that guides us toward spiritual progress and evolution.


Frequently Asked Question #3

 If love is the greatest law of the universal, how do we forgive our enemies and love them?

 Reincarnation transforms hate into love through covering the faults of the past and allowing us to learn to live and love each other with new experiences in a new family. The love that is generated by giving birth and raising a son or daughter neutralizes and/or dissolves the negative energy that resides in the unconscious.

 During the early years, the newborn grows and learns to live together, according to his new family environment. As he/she grows, impulses from the unconscious of old disputes may arise although lessen by the new situation in the family. The intensity of love during the early stages of life affects the nature of the unconscious and lessens the disputes that reside in the unconscious.

 This explains the intense conflicts and even hate between parents and children, which would be totally unexplainable without the knowledge of reincarnation. Successive lives with one’s enemies provide the means for forgiveness and peace in the minds of those who once hated.


Frequently Asked Question #4

 Why is it that some children are born with a good nature while others seem mean, perverse and dishonest?

 If God is wise, all-powerful, good and just, how is it that some are born with good tendencies, ethics and values, as they are natural candidates for “heaven”, while others seemingly evil, dishonest and aggressive are perfect candidates for “hell” according to the Christian beliefs?

 Its impossible to conceive that God, good and just could make beings so imperfect with negative tendencies and inclinations toward evil only to then submit them to eternal suffering. How could God take sons from their mothers to sentence them to Hell forever? How would these mothers feel in Heaven, knowing that the children they loved are in the worst of suffering and will be there forever without right to another chance to correct their acts and ways?

Those who are born with good in them demonstrate the values that they have acquired in past lives. The same is true for the diverse aptitudes, inclinations, intelligence the children show without having been exposed to an adequate learning process in their present life. The lack spiritual progress in past incarnations is shown through those who present bad character, aggression and low intelligence.

 It is inconceivable to believe that God, good and just, could create beings to be born in miserable conditions with deficiencies as blindness, deaf, dumb, paralysis, deformities as well as so many other horrible sufferings while others have perfect bodies and health without the key of reincarnation to explain why this happens. In the same way, it is impossible to understand why some are born with little intelligence and in conditions of misery while others are intelligent, with various aptitudes and the condition of wealth without the key of reincarnation to explain why this happens.

 The truth is that without reincarnation, no philosophy or religion will be able to satisfactory explain how the Creator could make so many differences among its creations. The knowledge of reincarnation allows us to understand that we are today the result of what we have done in the past. That God does not chastise us but rather the mechanisms of His laws, through adequate circumstances, allow us to heal and correct our guilt as well as learn what we need to progress to the next step. A guilty conscious made through our actions in past lives is filed in our unconscious and acts as a nucleus of energy or a magnet that draws to us the circumstance that we need to heal and correct our guilt.

God is wise, just and all loving. He knows exactly what he is doing with his rebellious children. His wisdom guides us through the path of evolution without jumping over what we have not yet achieved. In this way, He does not violate our limited ability to progress spiritually. And so, knowing the laws of reincarnation and of cause and effect, we can love God’s grand wisdom, His justice that orients life and His love that we feel vibrating from the intimate of our hearts to the animals and even the plant life around us.

 You can learn more about these subjects in The Spirit’s Book or The Bible According To Spiritism by Allen Kardec.


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Many people want to know who they were in past lives,

Always hoping to find that we were famous or important.

But why is it important who we were?

What is important, is to honor who we are today, so that,

we can become better persons in the future.