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Who invented reincarnation?

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Who invented reincarnation?

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History shows us that there is a constant evolution on this planet.

In ancient time, sacrifices were offered to the Gods.

That was the mentality of the epoch.

Slowly change brought progress, which in turn led to the notions of civilization.

Christianity radiated a new light on the teachings of love,

 forgiveness and compassion in a time when violence,

 hate and vengeance were present in man’s nature.

Is it possible that today, in this era of science and technology,

the religious axioms should remain in the same format as in the epoch

that the light on love was shown, two thousand years ago?




Who invented reincarnation?


If someone invented reincarnation evolutional theory, as some people say, then who did it? Was it Satan? Were the human beings?

If Satan or human beings invented reincarnation then they would be much wiser and have a greater sense of justice and love than God Himself.


It is because the explanations given by reincarnation show life, the universe, and the living beings being ruled by wise and fair mechanisms. With this perspective, each rational creature is responsible for itself, for its own development as a cosmic being, a part of life and the treasures left for everyone, from the intellectual and artistic to the cultural and affective ones etc. It also shows how all of us always have new and renewed opportunities for readjustment before the great laws, being able to clean our mistakes and to set our conscience free from its faults in a fair and legitimate way.

In the other hand, there are religion theories based on the Bible, seeing as the word of God, and taken literally. It shows the system which rules life as something extremely unfair, cruel and without creativeness. It shows God involved in the human quotidian, trying to take advantage of people, easy to deceive, partial, tyrannical, sadist, cruel and incompetent for not knowing how to guide His creatures through paths that will lead to growth and perfection (for more details see page on Bible in this same website).

But if we are going to see God as the first cause of everything, as the absolute intelligence, justice, wisdom and love, as Jesus showed Him to us, and as is shown by our own reason, then we have to believe in reincarnation and in the law of cause and effect. Otherwise, there would be beings more intelligent, competent and creative than God to have visualized this magnificent law.

But would it be possible for any being to be more evolved than God?

This is what is said by the theory that shows Jehovah as the Spirit responsible for the evolution of the Israelites.

The incongruence and absurd found in the Old Testament allow us to think of some hypotheses, as shown by Jaime Andrade in the book The Spiritism and the Reformed Churches:

 “a) Moses certainly said that all those moments of anger, threats and cruel orders found in the Old Testament, as the holocaust, offerings, etc. were ordered by the divinity so that he could gain the respect of that rude and proud people.

b) There is a great possibility that the spiritual beings responsible for the evolution of the Israelites would be represented by Jehovah, a tribal deity, maybe even more than one, as in Genesis 3:22 :“And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil”.

c) The Protector of the Israelites would have more or less turned into a war nature as the Israelites themselves because every man, woman, and people have a spiritual Guide compatible to their evolutional stage; maybe this Guide was one of their ancestors with enough authority to rule them”.

This hypothesis is confirmed in 2 Samuel 7:6 when Jehovah says he lived in a tabernacle. In Numbers the chapters 28 and 29 shows the continuous offering and the solemn parties where they would sacrifice goats, lambs, bullocks, rams and drink alcohol and it is said that the aroma was delightful to the Lord as in 28:27 : “but ye shall offer a burnt-offering for a sweet savor unto Jehovah: two young bullocks, one ram, seven he-lambs a year old”

Think about how absurd this is: the Creator and keeper of the universe and life going to tabernacles of the Jews and being delighted with alcohol and blood.

This kind of behavior is only seen nowadays in witchcraft, witchery or other rituals intended to do bad to people.

So we ask: how can a spirit feel any benefit from it?

Only less evolved spirits, with their spiritual bodies still very linked to the matter would feel pleasure in animalized energies.

As a conclusion, we see that the Bible when taken as something sacred and untouched is nothing but a tool used to alienate people’s conscience causing great damage to the spiritual evolution of everyone who reads it without really analyzing and questioning it.




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