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Who was Jesus?

 Was He the martyr of the cross?

Was he the founder of a religion?

 Or the Master that came to teach us the basics of a cosmic and evolutionary science?

 Through an open analysis, free of conditioning, it is easy to understand that the Jesus’ teachings may be regarded as religious beliefs, but they are also scientific truths. They teach the science of well-being.

Let's contemplate on this, who was Jesus?

Under current knowledge, forgiveness has what importance in His teachings?

When we cultivate wrongdoing, hate, resentment or even mere rejection for someone, we generate low quality psychic energy.

This type of energy, when incompatible with our degree of evolution, produces a series of problems, starting with lack of harmony and balance of our spiritual states, such as irritation, anxiousness, depression and many others up to producing various types of illnesses, physical body diseases, which is known as psychosomatics. Negative thoughts also attract spirits in negative conditions. This is because, in the spiritual vibration field, similar vibrations are attracted to each other. The negative spirita add their low emotional state to ours, and encourage more hatre resentment, which can also generate other problems beyond the current discussion.

Thus, hate IS BAD FOR US in many ways. To nurture resentment is equally BAD FOR US. On the other hand, forgiveness creates and emotional state that produces high standard of energies, beneficial in every sense. Along with a state of well-being, high quality energies open our mental channels to have access to higher bands of the spiritual life.

Therefore, unconditional forgiveness is the wisest attitude, because it IS GOOD FOR US. 

Forgiving also relieves the heart and paves the way to happiness. Science informs us that joy is a best path in life for health and well-being. Joy prevents depression, strengthens our immunological system and creates many other benefits.

Hence, it is in our own interest to forgive.

The wisdom of a true Master is there, in the teaching of forgiveness.




If it is true that the energy that proceeds from negative feelings are harmful to our health, why then are there evildoers of all kinds. Those who hate, who envy, etc, are not always seeking the consequence of the evil energies they develop?

As we said previously, this kind of energy, when incompatible with our degree of evolution, produces a series of problems.

This means that those who are living through the most primary phases of evolution have these feelings within themselves, as their own, in the same way that a pig feels good in the mud and dirty places. But for those in a higher level, in which the consciousness is more awake, there are higher spiritual standards. Higher spiritual levels have a more delicate texture of their spiritual body. For his reason the incompatible energy with their degree of evolution causes serious harm to their minds and bodies.



1.    Why did Jesus recommend loving our enemies, practicing kindness to those who hate us as well as praying for those who prosecute and mistreat us?

Love is the great universal law, because it was commanded by the Creator and also because it is the mechanism of evolution and well being.

Those who follow this law, i.e., those who love, are undoing a vicious cycle of hatred and revenge. When a vibration* of hatred or of evil wishes reaches a person that who is able to love his/her enemies and who prays for them, this vibration is neutralised by the high level energy developed by him/her.

2. Are there cases in which loving people are also affected by evil?

The medium and speaker Divaldo Pereira Franco says that our unconscious is a filing system, filled with images that carry hatred, frustration, resentment and anguish of all sorts, which were accumulated during previous incarnations. This filing system works as an element of connection with similar energies, and opens access through our spiritual defences.

This is why it is so important to incorporate love and forgiveness in our everyday lives. By loving and forgiving the superior energy can reach our unconscious, and begin to eliminate the heavy energies that remain there. This job requires a lot of discipline during many incarnations. The sooner we implement love in our inner-selves, the fewer accesses we will have in our spiritual defence and the quicker we will advance in our evolution toward true happiness. 

3.     Is it possible to love an enemy?

In the Gospel According to Spiritism (Cap XII) we have an interesting explanation about this question:

 "If the principle of charity is to love one’s neighbour, then to love one’s enemies is the most sublime application of this same principle. This virtue represents one of the greatest victories which can be achieved against selfishness and pride."

 "However, there is usually a misunderstanding in relation to the meaning of the word “love” in this situation. Jesus did not mean that each one of us should have the same tenderness for our enemy as we would feel for a brother, sister or friend. Tenderness presupposes confidence. No one can have confidence in another person knowing that he/she bears malice. No one can show effusive friendship knowing that the “enemy” is likely to abuse the situation. There cannot be the same expression of sympathy between people who have no confidence amongst themselves. Expressions of sympathy exist between those who share the same ideas. In short, one does not feel the same pleasure with an enemy as would be feel when in the company of a friend."

 "Therefore, to love your enemies does not mean showing an unnatural affection. The contact with an enemy makes our heart beat in an entirely different manner than the way it beats when we have contact with a friend. The meaning of loving your enemy is not hating, nor bearing rancour against them, nor desiring vengeance. It means to forgive all the evil they have caused without hidden thoughts or conditions. It means to eliminate obstacles so that reconciliation can take place and to wish them well, instead of wishing bad things for them. It is to feel joy at the good things that may come their way, instead of regret. To love your enemies is to help them whenever possible and to abstain from words or acts in everything which might harm them. Finally, it means to always return goodness for evil without any intention to humiliate. Whosoever can proceed in this manner fulfils the conditions of the commandment: Love your enemies."

 The medium and speaker Divaldo Franco, at a Seminar about forgiveness and self-forgiveness, said "to forgive is to give everyone the right to be what they are and to allow us the right to be what we are."

 And he went on, to say:

"If my neighbour is like this, I will not change him/her. If I am like this, I have the obligation to become somebody better. I cannot impose myself upon him/her for their modification, because my words will only be syllables or lessons to him/her that will not be accepted, as he/she will not want to listen.

 But I, who am looking forward to being happy, have the knowledge of my self-transformation. Hence, I will never repay evil with evil. I will always seek to repay all things with goodness."

Based on these and other reflections, we can see that Jesus was neither that martyr of the cross, nor the founder of religions, but he actually was the Master of all masters, who came to teach us the perfect science of well-being.




Every time you think of or remember a person you dislike,

repeat the following in your mind with full sincerity:

- May you (his/her name) be well, healthy, prosperous and at peace.

- May God bless you and make you happy.

 This simple phases will unchain the vicious cycle of negative

energies between you and your “enemy”.


  * Vibration = a mixture of thinking and emotion.




The lessons taught by Jesus were of such

elevated moral content that they irritated

many of those who heard Him.

 Others followed Him because of His healings...

Few who followed Him could truly practise

His enlightened thinking and thus receive the energy

and will power to change their lives,

while following His teachings...



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