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Scientists and researches of various parts of

the world have been dedicated to researching the universe

of phenomena and situations related to the spirit.

Until now, none of these researches has

 invalidated any of the information brought

by the spirits in the Spirits’ Codification.

On the opposite, they have only confirmed it.










Are there spirits? What about reincarnation?

There are many serious studies about these questions, but as the aim of this website is mainly to inform and not exactly to convince, we suggest to those who want to know more about the scientific research around what is related to the spirit since the second half of the 19th century, to search these information within the extensive bibliography on the subject, especially the more recent ones.

To facilitate, we can point out to the following studies, among others:

a) former soviet scientists demonstrate, with Kirlian photography, that we have more dimensions than we had supposed before;

b) the team of Dr. Ian Stevenson, Director of the Psychiatry and Neurology at the Medical School of the University of Virginia (USA), had already, in the 1960’, investigated more than 600 cases, twenty of those which he published in the book Twenty Cases Suggesting Reincarnation. In 1997 he published two volumes study, BIOLOGY AND REINCARNATION, with 2500 cases study on birth signs. In this book, Dr. Stevenson affirms that before 2010 science will conclude that reincarnation is the biological law:

c) the team of Professor H. N. Banerjee at the University of Jaipur, in India, about reincarnation with more than 3000 registered cases;

d) the French physicist Dr. Patrick Drouot, with his researches on the reincarnation phenomenon in the light of Modern Physics;

e) Dr. William Croockes, on the materialisation of spirits;

f) Dr. Robert Crookal, world authority in Out-of-the Body experiences, who affirms the existence of the spiritual and the etheric body;

g) Drs. Carlis Osis and Ingo Swann, who carried out notable experiments on astral projection and Out-of-the Body experiences;

h) the team of Dr. Raymond Moody Jr., in the USA, about EAD (Almost Death Experiences), during which the patient unfolds into another dimension, from where he observes his own body and about which he can tell stories he could never know if only through his physical senses;

i) Brazilian Institute of Psychophysical Research of Sao Paulo, about the Biological Organisation Model (spiritual body), reincarnation and poltergeist;

j) Dr. Núbor Facure’s (neurologist) researches about medium neurophysiology;

k) Dr. Sérgio Felipe de Oliveira, who researches about communication with the spiritual world, with latest technology aid, at the University of Sao Paulo;

l) Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan, scientist, former NASA researcher, Master in Atmosphere Physics, who studied and experimented on the field of human energy and the knowledge of subtle bodies of the being, as related to diseases and healing, having many publications such as Hands of Light;

m) in many European countries, in the US and also in Brazil, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) is recorded, that is, communications with the spirits via electronic equipment;

n) hundreds of health professionals, such as Dr. Morris Netherton, Bryan Weis, Edith Fiori, Denys Kelsey, studies about past-life regression therapy;

o) in Brazil, institutions such as INTVP, ABEPTVP, SBTVP assist and prepare health professionals to work with past-life regression therapy;

p) Universities, such as the University of Sao Paulo (USP), which include the subject “Medicine and Spiritism – Integration of the Brain, Mind, Body and Spirit”, within the range of courses offered at the Medical School;

q) furthermore, the contribution by the Medical-Spiritist Association of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in more than 30 years of existence and promotion of Congresses, Seminars and Journeys dedicated to the study of health under the Spiritist point of view. For instance:

-  Mind-Brain Interaction - Dr. Nubor Facure.*

-  Spiritual Surgery - Dr. Ary Lex.

-  Universe of Medium and Paranormal Phenomena - Dr. Valter da Rosa Borges.

-  The Neurological Basis of Spiritual Activities - Dr. Nubor Facure.

-  Modern Physics and Spiritism - Dr. Ney Prieto Peres.

-  Nervous System Evolution and Neuropsychiatry Functions - Dr. Irvênia Di Santis Prada.

-   Spirits’ Action in the Immunological System - Dr. Sérgio Felipe de Oliveira.*

-   Kirliangrafy - Dr. Wilson Pikler.

-   Bio-Physical Spiritual Treatment - Dr. Jaider Rodrigues de Paulo.

-   Memory Regression for Therapeutical Ends - Dr. Maria Julia Prieto Peres.*

-   EVP (spirits’ communications via electronic equipments) and Modern Physics - Dr. Ney Prieto Peres.

-   Psychograph in light of Graphoscopy - Dr. Carlos Augusto Perandréa*, criminal expert, who verifies the hand writing of spiritis as written by mediums (psychograph).

-   Modern Physics and the New Paradigm - Dr. Valdyr Rodrigues.

-   Syndrome of Multiple Personality - Hermínio C. Miranda.

-   Limits between Obsessive Processes and Mental Diseases - Dr. Jorge Andréa.*

-   Spiritual Body and its Nature - Dr. Alcione Rebelo Novelino.

-   Neurophysiology – Consciousness Altered States - Dr. Fernando Luiz de Azevedo  Rabelo.*

-   Epiphysis: the Mental Health Gland - Dr. Marlene Rossi Severino Nobre.

-   Brain Vertical Functions - Dr. Sérgio Felipe de Oliveira.

-   Bioenergy and Energetic Body, of the physical-extraphysical interaction. Source of acupuncture mapping - Dr. Samuel de Souza.*

-   Ectoplasm: Practical and Theoretical Aspects - Prof. Dr. Matthieu Tubino.*

 In addition, there is the collection of books named Learning about the spirit, authored by Flávio Távora Pinho. In the first volume (under the subtitle “Science”), the author presents the scientific research that has been conduct up to these days, accompanied by a brief history of researches and their works.

Távora, during the training he did in the US and in England, as a Pilot-Colonel of the Brazilian Air Force, had the opportunity of get acquainted with the researches carried out in these countries, which gave him the necessary support for writing the above mentioned books.




* Dr. Nubor Facure – Neurologist Doctor. Founding Director of the Brain Institute at UNICAMP – University of Campinas-SP.

* Dr. Sérgio Felipe de Oliveira – Doctor. Post-graduate at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Sao Paulo (USP). Director of Pineal-Mind Institute, in Sao Paulo. Director of the Department of Mental Health at AME-SP – Medical-Spiritist Association of Sao Paulo.

* Dr. Jaider Rodrigues de Paulo – Doctor. Post-graduate in Psychiatry. Director of Spiritist Hospital André Luiz.

* Dr. Maria Julia Prieto Peres - Psychiatric Doctor. Vice-Director of INTVP – National Institute of Past-Lives Therapy.

* Dr. Marlene R. S. Nobre – Gynaecologist  Doctor. Specialised in Infancy and Adolescence Psychiatry. President of AME-SP

* Dr. Carlos Augusto Perandréa – Legal Expert, specialised in graphoscopy before tribunals.

* Dr. Jorge Andréa dos Santos – Psychiatric Doctor, author of various books. Specialised in the scientific study of paranormality and psychiatry.

* Dr. Fernando Luiz de Azevedo Rabelo – Psychotherapist Doctor at Miguel Couto Hospital – Rio de Janeiro.




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