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Spiritual obsession

In the last decades, obsession has been increasingly pervaded Earth, causing perturbation and suffering.

It certainly is a disease, but a disease of the soul. Actually, our soul creates the environment necessary for obsession to develop itself.

So, what is an obsession? It is the domination a spirit exercises over somebody. This domination occurs in various degrees, from a simple influence to the fascination and subjugation, even reaching possession.

As explained by Allan Kardec, the Spiritism codifier, “Obsession is a permanent action exercised over an individual by an evil spirit.”

It is a permanent, and not random, action through which a prosecutor spirit (the obsessing person) assimilates himself to an incarnated spirit (the obsessed person), and uses the resources he has available so as to obtain what he wants.

Since the act of obsessing is an evil one usually derived from a  revenge desire – for something suffered by the obsessing person in a previous life and inflicted by the obsessed one - the obsessive action is perpetrated by an evil spirit. It is not perpetrated by a good, or by a “suffering” spirit.

Note: Suffering spirits are those that are still very connected to the places and situations they lived, and that still keep on their spiritual body the effects of the diseases and the pains they went through while incarnated. When these spirits spend a lot of time with someone, they can transmit them their feelings and sensations. In these cases, the one suffering the influence will end up by visiting medical doctors without ever finding the reason of his/her afflictions.  


Frequently asked question:  

Can a spirit be perpetually evil?

When we talk about evil spirits it does not mean that they will be like this eternally nor that they were created this way. They are not different from us, but only that they chose a path not in accordance with the cosmic laws, therefore infringing good moral patterns. There are obsessing ones that act evilly only towards the one they hate (the one they obsess). Others feel real pleasure in being evil and there are even those that are terribly perverse and cruel; real monsters of evil and perversions of all natures. These are the ones that some call Demons, Satan, Devil, etc.

However, a spirit never move backwards in his/her evolution. The values acquired are retained in his unconscious, and his moral falls are only temporary, even if they last for thousands of years.

Many spirits, when reaching a medium degree of evolution through reencarnatory experiences, i.e. the time in which their divine consciousness starts to wake, chose the inferior attractions and dive deep into their passions. And in this crossroad, torn between the sayings of their consciousness and their choices, they decide to smother the call they receive from the above, and isolate themselves from the essence of their (and all) spirits, which is the light of God. It is as they had involved their consciousness in an energy of negation, suffocating it. But all of these, from to the bad to the worst, one day will get tired of their own evil and will resume the path towards evolution. God would not create beings able to stay forever mean.

Spiritist centres are engaged in an important task that is called disobsession, that is the healing of obsession, by treating both the obsessing spirit and obsessed one. Not rarely, these sessions (or meetings) for disobsession work with terrible spirits of evil who, at one point, give up on the inferior regions and decide to retreat and change their lives. This retreating spirit prepares then for a new incarnation, which will certainly be a tough one, but that also represents the inicial step towards spiritual development. In a case such as this, there is usually the "hand" of a beloved spirit as for example the person who was his or her mother on Earth, and who goes to the inferior regions with the aim of convincing that evil spirit of retaking the good path.  

On that which concerns the spirits that have reached a higher degree of evolution and whose consciousness are already harmonised with the divine laws, they no longer feel attracted to the lower regions, because they have already eliminated in themselves all the remaining of an animalised nature. The legend about an Angel that envied and had the ambition of becoming God – and that was thus sent to Hell – has different symbolisms, due to the fact that such an elevated spirit cannot "fall".  Ambition, envy, hate, selfishness, and other related feelings, are negative values that only exist in the primary zones of evolution.


Frequently asked question: 

Why does a spirit get involved into obsessing an incarnated spirit?

Obsessions almost always happen for reasons of revenge, that is, the obsessing spirits are "collectors". They are in fact asking for reparation for the damage we caused them in previous lives.

There are also cases of obsession by spirits who were aborted. When they see that their aspirations to return to Earth through reincarnation have been frustrated, they seek revenge against the women who were to receive them but that later chose to have them expelled from their womb.

Numerous obsessive processes have their origins in vicious (or morally condemnable) conducts, due to the rule that "similar spirits attract each other".

There are also the cases of obsession that were "ordered" through black magic, as to cause harm to somebody.


Frequently asked question: 

How can someone become obsessed based on his or her conduct?

Mediums, in their activities and in the books they have psycograped, tell us about people who attended morally and spiritually low level places, as for example brothels,  and by this habit attracted spirits addicted to sex that started to follow them, and induced them to lust and depravation, so as to profit from the repugnant sexual energies generated by these acts.

It happens similarly in the case of other addictions, and even of dishonest behaviours that are not in accordance with the cosmic ethics.

We all have the spiritual company that we attract by our behaviour and actions.


Frequently asked question: 

What can one do to "heal" from an obsession?  

In any process of obsession, the cure remains in a conduct that corresponds to the cosmic ethics, it is in reforming oneself intimately. It is also important to find a spiritist centre whenever possible so as to receive an energetic healing* and guidance, and in order for the obsessing spirit to receive assistance through specific treatments. The spiritist centres, of kardecist orientation, are institutions well informed about these subjects which systematically dedicate themselves, among other things, to helping in these sorts of situations.

However, the cure depends mostly on the obsessed spirit conduct, on the effort one makes for one's own growth and illumination.  When this one is able to develop love in his or her feelings, making it present in one's attitudes, the vibratory band will be elevated and the tuning previously held with the obsessing spirit will be lost.  This is very important because the prosecution is carried out with a feeling of revenge and the prosecuted of today was the "executioner" of yesterday, i.e., there is a karmic debt to be settled. In these cases, the best way the settle it is in obtaining the forgiveness of the obsessing spirit and in helping him to find the way to his own spiritual growth.

When the persecutor, or an entity of very low spiritual condition, is involved in the vibrations of love of a group, it is possible to observe major changes on him or her.

A medium who has the gift of seeing, when present in the meeting, can observe how radical these changes are. A spirit of low vibration is generally seen by these mediums as a being with an ugly or even horrendous look, dressed in dark clothes and with a bad smell and a disagreeable countenance. Nonetheless, when such spirit receives the vibration of love carried by group and the medium that incorporates him or her, something starts to disintegrate in him/her. The doctrinator then speaks to the spirit and makes him/her see that he/she is delaying himself and his evolution. The doctrinator  in fact seeks that the spirit forgives and gets away from the obsessed spirit. The benefactors, responsible for the work, also use other resources, such as bringing someone who was dear to the obsessing spirit, so as to convince him to forgive and forget his prosecution. Hence, with these works, even the spirits appearance improves to the better.

Furthermore, one should not underestimate the power of prayer. As the Book of Spirits – one of the Spiritism codification books written by Allain Kardec - teaches us at question 479, the "prayer is always an efficacious means of obtaining help; but you must remember that the muttering of certain words will not suffice to obtain what you desire. God helps those who help themselves, but not those who limit their action to asking for help. It is therefore necessary for the person obsessed to do his utmost to cure himself of the defects which attract evil spirits to him."



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 * The energetic healing is an energetic "transfusion" and

 a cleansing of the magnetic field of the needy person.

It is carried over at the spiritist centres by people that

were prepared for it, and who use their hands for the exchange,

which also symbolises a love gesture. In these cases,

there is also the assistance of the spirits

competent in the manipulation of energy.


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