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Innumerous people and situations are comforted

through the knowledge of reincarnation and the

law of action and reaction.

For example, those that carry terrific weights on their conscious,

can have the relief in knowing that they will have the

opportunity to correct their mistakes in this

 lifetime or in a future reincarnation.




  The Consoler   

The Christian world distorted the teachings of Jesus by introducing the premise that His blood or the religious practices could save sinners.

What the Master preached was, in fact, the need of moral perfectionment, which is expressed by conduct (“Be Perfect as your celestial father is perfect”, “to each according to his work” etc. Mat.16:27, I Pedro, 1:17, Jer.17:10);

In addition, nobody needs salvation, because nobody is lost. What we need is, indeed, to evolve.

 The information and clarifications offered by the Spiritist Doctrine do not conflict with the lessons Jesus taught the world, it is quite the opposite. It is clear that at that day and age, he could not have given explanations about reincarnation, or the laws of evolution, action and reaction, etc., because He would not have been understood. Nonetheless, He promised He would send the Spirit of the Truth, at the right time, to tell us the entire truth and remind the world of His teachings.


Some religions say that the Consoler would have come at Pentecost. However, it would not have been justified that somebody would come to say the entire truth at Pentecost, given that Jesus had already spoke of everything that human society could take at that moment, as He said it Himself.  Moreover, at Pentecost there were no revelations. There were no reasons for somebody to come and recall the lessons preached by the Master either, as these were still very much alive in the minds and hearts of His followers.  

However, in the 19th Century, His message had been long forgotten by Christians. The Spirit of the Truth then came, through the mediumship, to remember such message, and brought all the information and explanations Jesus had not been able to provide himself at the moment He came, as he would not have been understood. In more recent times, though, with another knowledge level and having passed many years of Christianity consolidation, humankind is already mature enough to receive further clarification about life and the mechanisms for progress.  

 Human’s apprenticeship is similar to that of a child, who receives lessons according to his ability to assimilate and understand them, as he grows up.  

Also the title, the Consoler, fits Spiritism perfectly. Is there bigger consolation than knowing that:

 a) our beloved ones who died are not dead, but alive and on the path of evolution in another dimension of life; eventually they will be able to communicate with us through mediumship;

b) nobody will go to hell and suffer for eternity;

c) our beloved ones who have “not accepted Jesus” in this life are not lost or condemned to damnation because of it.

 And for those who have a very heavy conscious, consolation may exist only if they know that one day they will have the opportunity to fix the evil they have done, even if it happens in another incarnation.





The lessons though by Jesus are of such high moral

standards that many who have heard Him got irritated.

 Others followed Him because of the miracles and healings He could perform...

Very few were truly able to get tuned in to

His enlightened mind and from this get the courage and energy

to change their lives and follow His steps…





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