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Spiritual World

Frequently asked question:

What happens to the spirit once its body is dead?

Many people, after their death, or separation of the soul from the body (disincarnation), remain here on the Earth, in the same environments where they lived. Others are able to disconnect themselves and are taken or attracted to spiritual regions which are compatible with their current state of evolution and their deserving. Thus, while some move to more elevated regions or vibratory zones, others remain on the Earth or go to the Umbral zones, or even to the dark areas. .

The umbral, or the (many) umbrals are vibratory dimensions, or spiritual zones, closer to the Earth, where less developed spirits and those who have not deserved to move to more developed vibrations – due to their faults and/or omissions during their life – are placed. These are areas of sufferance, unbalance, afflictions, something which is similar to the purgatory presented by the Catholic Church.

In the books dictated by spirit André Luiz, through the psychographic work of medium Francisco Cândido Xavier (Chico Xavier), the are reports and explanations about these vibratory dimensions. Many other mediums have also brought detailed information on this other side of life. Also Rev. G. Vale Owen, priest the Oxford Church, England, in the beginning of the XX century, psychographed a great number of messages from his already deceased mother and of other spirits, filled with detailed narrations about these dimensions which are invisible and intangible to our physical senses.

The dark regions, in their turn, from what has been informed by some spirits, are regions yet “lower” and more tenebrous, about which little is known.

  However, the length of stay of spirits at the suffering regions is not eternal. Any time one of them, honestly regretting his/her acts, implores for God’s help, he/she ends up being rescued by groups of benefactors who work in those zones of purgation, in the name of love.

There are also the more elevated spiritual zones, immensely beautiful, peaceful, harmonious e content places. Nonetheless, these are not like that “heaven” preached by the most part of religions.


Frequently asked question:

It is very difficult to assimilate the idea of the existence of a spiritual world.

It is very difficult, if we manifest ourselves through our physical brains, to accept the idea of a spiritual world that is invisible and intangible to our senses, in which many activities are carried out, where there are institutions like hospitals, first aid stations, residences, governances, etc.

It may be that this difficulty be even bigger because we have not yet gotten used to questioning. The religions speak to us about heaven and hell, about God, angels, archangels and other beings we do not see and whose presence we do not perceive but in whose existence we believe. If they exist, but are invisible and intangible to us, why can there not be many other things and beings we neither see nor perceive?

When we fall asleep, we “leave” our carnal body, although we remain connect to it by fluidic wires, known as the “silver string”. And in this condition, of spirits out of the matter, we manifest and experience innumerous situations and wonderings around at the spiritual world, while we sleep.


Frequently asked question:

What are the dreams?

II. There are various types of dreams. There are those during which we fluctuate on the top of our physical body, submerged in the images or the subconscious or the unconscious, while reviewing events and even scenes of previous lifetimes.

These images are revealed to us as dreams.

There are dreams that reflect the memories of our excursions throughout the spiritual world, during which we remain connect to the carnal body by the silver string made of fluidic wires between the physical and the spiritual bodies. During these excursions, this connection to the matter does not allow us much consciousness. Due to this, our mind connected to the carnal brain by the silver string interprets most of what we see in a distorted way.

In addition to that, when we wake up, the spiritual body brain overlaps with the carnal one, and the images in our memory are re-codified by the physical body brain’s archives. This happens because the spiritual conditions are dimensionally different from the material ones. That is why the dreams we remember are, very often, weird or even absurd.

However, there are also those dreams created by the spirits, good or evil, who want to send us an idea, a warning, guidance or who wish to disturb us.

A lot of people, during their sleep, are also taken to meetings, courses, lectures and aid activities in the spiritual world. Most of the cases, they will not retain any memory after waking up.

As one can perceive, this other dimension is not a place of eternal leisure or rest, but is a parallel universe to ours, where life develops within infinite learning and progressing possibilities, much beyond the limits of our understandings.


 Frequently asked question:

What we going to be like at this spiritual world once we return there?

Will we be a floating being, transparent... or will we have a body? How is this body going to be like?

At the Espiritist codification, the superior spirits explained that human beings are composed of a spiritual principle, or Spirit; a spiritual body, or perispirit; and a a carnal body. We are, therefore, a being much more complex than it is usually conceived by many.

The Spirit would then be a sparkle of the divine Spirit, the one which no one would be able to see. The perispirt is like an intermediate body, that allows the spirit to manifest through the matter. As far as it is known, there are other bodies, e.g. the mental and the etheric , or energetic, but we are going to discuss the three main ones only: the spirit, the perispirit (or spiritual body) and the carnal body.

Hundreds of spirits have told, through the psychographic work of various mediums, their experiences while returning to the spiritual world. They say that, to them, their bodies and the new environments seem as consistent and tangible as before, here at the earth, although they feel much lighter.

Also those who unfold, or do astral projection, speak of the environments they find in the spiritual world, at the zones closer to us. They say that these environments are much alike to ours, so much so that sometimes they feel like they cannot tell whether they are on the Earth, or at the spiritual dimension.

In the book, Unveiling the Invisible, the medium Ivone Pereira narrates various episodes and facts which occurred to her while touring around in the spiritual world, during her frequent states of unfolding,  accompanied by the explanation of many aspects of these dimensions. This is a book that should not only be read but also studied.


Frequently asked question:

Is there a Heaven? Is there a Hell? If there are those, how are they?

The idea of an eternal hell is utterly incompatible with the slightest sense of justice.

Would you throw your son in hell, for eternity and beyond, in order to punish him for disobedience?`

Thus, how could someone believe that God would assign such a horrendous punishment to beings created by himlsef?

The spirits explain that heaven and hell do not exist, not in the form portrayed by religions. What exists is the spiritual world, with its many zones or vibratory dimensions. The higher are these, the more luminous and happy they are. The lower, the darker and more tenebrous.

However, it was not God who created them. In reality, they reflect the inner side of their inhabitants.

The spirits say that the matter at the spiritual dimension is very plastic and easily influenced by thoughts and emotions of those who inhabit there. Hence, it is easy to understand that the spiritual environments where cruel and perverse spirits, with the lowest moral standards and carriers of the most indignifying passions and addictions, reunite be very unpleasant and even horrible places, where the stronger dominates the weaker and impose a lot of suffering upon these; where there is no justice and the nature on its own is modelled to the horror established there.

Thus, we see that God is not responsible for the existence of these vibratory zones, which spirit Andre Luiz calls Umbral and Darkness.

The Umbral, or Umbrals, host spirits indebted to the higher laws, but not even them are condemned to remain there forever. Whenever any of them ask God for help through the act of the prayer, honestly regretful of his/her bad behaviour and actions, this help arrives by the hands of good spirits who work in the name of love in the areas of suffering.

In these circumstances, he/she is conducted to one of the various aid institutions which exist in the spiritual dimension. There, he/she learns to dignify life through studying and working, while committing him/herself to one of the various activities that are carried out by the spirits. Some are soon recommended for reincarnation.

At the spiritual colonies, such as Our Home, which was nicely described by the spirit Andre Luiz, in Chico Xavier's psychograph (in a book by the same name), there are institutions responsible for the reincarnation process, where the procedures for returning to the material world are studied, as well as the follow-up of cases.

The superior plans multiply themselves in infinite gradations, starting with the ones closer to our condition up to those which are very elevated and which go beyond our understanding due to their harmony and extensive beauty. Also these reflect the spiritual values already achieved by their inhabitants.


Natural Question

What kind of spiritual plan will we, beings of medium evolution, go to after we disincarnate?

Our entire existence is conducted by very wise, perfect and fair laws, which always lead us into harvesting whatever we have planted. That was why Jesus said that "and they were judged every man according to their works".

These laws generate the "cause and effect" mechanisms, by which every action provokes an equal reaction. Therefore, when we disincarnate, we shall find an spiritual dimension with bad or good conditions, according to the use we made of the assets given to us by life, to the actions we have taken and also to our wrongful omissions.

There is an old and wise saying that says that: "He who plants winds will harvest storms". That is a cosmic truth. Thus, when we go to the spiritual world through death, we will harvest precisely the results of all we planted here. Spiritual "big shots" will not do it, such as messes, prayers, remissions and other similar acts, due to the fact that every person has to answer for his/her acts and there is no possibility to move around this law, there is no way to fool God.

Death, in reality, conducts every spirit to the appropriate and deserved situation or vibratory zone. This works in an irreversible way, based on the strength that the vibratory affinity law has.

Those who are really attached to their assets, home, furniture, job, friendships and partying, generally remain on the Earth, after their disincarnation, connected to the environment where they used to live in. This brings them suffering and is harmful to their evolution. The spirits disconnected from the body has to liberate itself from all the material conditions as well as to reinitiate their experiences, activities and learning in the spiritual world, aiming at his/her personal growth, his/her evolution as a cosmic being.

Spirits who do not succeed at getting away from the environments where they used to live are also known as "suffering" spirits. Their issues, problems and diseases, which disturbed them before their disincarnation, remain alive in their minds, projecting themselves in their spiritual bodies. With this, they keep on feeling the same pains and anguish of their final period on earth, and their suffering also brings consequences to the more sensitive ones they get close to, possibly causing these some trouble or even diseases, some of which doctors can neither diagnosis nor tackle in the correct way.

In the same way, those who commit suicide suffer immensely while in the spiritual world. There are many reports of former suicidals telling their truly horrible experiences of suffering, and as a general rule, of long duration. It is clear that situations vary from case to case, but suicide always represents terrible sufferance to those who commit it, and reflects in their future reincarnations. Suicidal spirits generate such a heavy and hypnological vibration that their presence by itself can even induce a reincarnated spirit to commit the same act, as long as this person has such a tendency and allows him/herself to get carried by the presence. Perhaps that is the reason why spirits speak of a spiritual zone, the Suicidal Valley, where these spirits remain, for longer or shorter periods, distant from communities at the Earth.

Also those who live in disagreement with God's laws, practicing violence, greed, harming others, living in pride, arrogance, usurpation and other negative values and addictions will be placed, after death, at vibratory zones compatible with their spiritual state.

When returning to the spiritual world, through death, each receives exactly what is deserved having as a base his/her life on Earth. The "titles" or undertaken positions have not value at all for this account.

No one reaches the superior zones without having learned, beforehand and here on Earth, how to forgive, to be peaceful, humble, fraternal, honest, just, unattached to the material assets, ethical and above all, how to love. In the same way, no one upgrades spiritually without acquiring the values of intelligence and wisdom, through studying, working, fighting and daily overcoming challenges.


Frequently asked question

What should be done if there is suspicion of the presence of suffering spirits?

The attendance to a spiritist centre (if this is possible) is very important because, in addition to the clarifications and guidance provided there, these spirits will be dutifully assisted and taken care of.

It is also important to pray for them, asking God to relieve their pain and afflictions and the spiritual benefactors to assist them and conduct them to an aid institution at the spiritual world.


Frequently asked question

And the Superior regions, how are they?

There are many testimonials of spirits about these more elevated vibratory regions, and even one of the apostles said that he went to the third heaven.

As the astral matter is very plastic and the environments reflect the beauty or the ugliness of what is inside their inhabitants, we can imagine how beautiful certain regions where beings like St. Francis of Assisi, mother Theresa of Calcuta, Ghandi and other highly developed spirits live must be.

It is not only about beauty aspects, abut also about the elevated vibrations which is constant there. Many mediums and highly sensitive persons perceive the presence of more developed spirits which such intensity and in such a divine way that they cannot contain their tears. These are wonderful presences, which irradiate so much love, joy and peace, that words cannot explain.

However, one must not think that the superior regions are zones of rest. As spirits have informed us, the more they are evolved, the more they work, and in working they find pleasure and fulfilment.

When spirits narrate their return to the spiritual world, the work is always mention. As soon as they are recovered from the disincarnation (death) trauma, they start to feel the need to be active. A lot of them go back to studying, because there are also schools and universities at the spiritual world. Others request to undertake tasks,  which are then allocated according to their skills and abilities. But also there, there are various kinds of leisure, depending on the tastes and evolutionary projects of the inhabitants.

Thus, those ideas of a heaven full of inactive beings, who praise the Lord forever and ever, or who seat on a cloud to play harp, do not really tally wit reality.

Logic tells us that a dynamic and accomplished nature as that of human beings would not stand an existence of inactivity and emptiness throughout eternity.

Even if heaven were, as in certain beliefs, filled with rivers of milk and honey, and with all possible pleasures, there would be a day that all of this would become tedious.

Human nature would not stand stagnation for long.

God knows what he does. Reincarnation and the infinite possibilities of growth, learning and accomplishment represent the universal law of continuous evolution.





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