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The Science of Mediumís Communication  


Medium Communication is made through a channel between the spiritual world and us.    

This channel is a mental ability to communication between the spiritual world and the physical world. The mental ability to channel spiritual communications is accepted by the Medium before being reincarnated in their physical body. The purpose of this communication task is to diminish the debts acquired in past lives. This being the case, Mediums should not be looked upon as different people, who have been favored or disfavored in their current life. Mediums have chosen this as their way to repair their debts instead of some other means. In this light, the people that perceive medium symptoms should think seriously about their potential as a Medium. 

Superior spirits gives Mediums the capabilities for specific reasons. Medium capabilities exist to enable us to enter in contact with the spiritual world. The communication from the spiritual world is to informs us: news from those that have passed on to the spiritual world, clarifications about life in their dimension, the natural laws, and answers concerning doubts that distress the human soul. The Mediumís function of channeling spiritual communication is also to assist spirits in pain and/or spirits obsessing incarnated people (persecuting spirits), and consoling different torments. Thus, Mediums act as instruments for good moral practice. By doing this, they relieve and aid to cure the physical and mental illnesses of spirits in need.   

The Mediumís task is programmed before their reincarnation and, in most cases; it represents the opportunity to relieve their karmic debt. When a spirit remembers a serious moral debt from one or more passed lives; they may decide to repair the wrong that has been done, by assuming this Medium task. The memory of the wrong that has been done manifests itself as a weight deep in their conscience. They, then, understands that to relieve the remorse, they needs to be born again on this planet to subject theirselves to an existence of great sufferings and or limitations.   

In these situations, and when the person has some merit, he can make an exchange. Instead of reincarnating with a programmed life of pains and afflictions, he can return to the material life bringing a commitment of Medium tasks to be utilized. In accepting the task to be a Medium, the person assumes a commitment to perform beneficial activity, such as taking care of children or seniors, disabled people, to develop programs that can improve the quality of life, benefit the nature, and at last, to dedicate and do good things without an personal gain. This is the exchange of sufferings for a task of love.

Remember what the apostle said: ďThe love has covered a multitude of sinsĒ.   

Thus, instead of illness, famine, physical deficiencies or similar problems, the spirit reincarnates with a commitment of working for the well being of all people. As a guideline, the mediumís activity is entirely gratuitous, aimed only to help people in need.    

There are cases where the capability of the Medium is received only as task of love and not to repair debt with the divine laws.   

Whenever someone returns to the physical World with the capacity of being a Medium, their spiritual mentors elaborate a plan for their future activities. They also prepare him to serve as intermediate between the physical and the spiritual World.   

The Spirits that are responsible for the Mediumsí task, accompany the future Medium during their rebirth into the physical World and all of their life, providing the cares and assistance that their needs.

The Medium receives assistance from the good Spirits if he deserves it, i.e. if he tries to become a better person, through being more affectionate and more responsible, through moral and ethical acts.    

The Medium through his correct behavior and his fraternal love, receives security and mental balance. The Mediumsí healthy attitudes are fundamental to strengthen their bio-energy and mental fields and to protect the Mediums from the synchrony with inferior spirits.   

However, being a Medium has its disadvantages. When the Medium seeks personal profits, goods, position, influence or status, or at worse, to perform evil, his medium faculties are transformed into a channel for negative spirits, with unexpected results, which are always disastrous.   

The worse occurs when he returns to the spiritual world, after their death. There, the faulty Mediums will have to suffer  pains, remorse, and the consequences of their irresponsible actions or unfriendliness, not to mention the time lost. They will have to restart everything and in more unfavorable conditions.      



1) Is possible that all the people are Mediums?    

All people are Mediums in a broad sense of speaking, because the spirits can influence them. However, when we talk about the people who have accepted the Mediumís task, the reference is that the Mediums that have received well developed faculties, capable of transmitting thoughts of the spirits, or to serve as vehicle for the spiritís material manifestations.   

Some Mediums have simple faculties that are barely perceptible while others have well developed faculties.   

The former, in general rule, do not have great commitments in this World as Mediums. Those with striking abilities as Mediums can be certain that they have varying degrees of responsibilities in their planned reincarnation.   

Depending on the Mediumís performance, the service of the Medium is expanded year by year, while in other Mediums the task is not totally fulfill. There are also those who, unfortunately, abandon their commitment before their time is up, without to mention those that donít even start their service as Mediums.   

In Brazil, the majority of spirit centers have courses for Mediums, with studies of the spirit doctrine and Medium studies. The participants learn to concentrate as Mediums and to educate their capabilities. This is very important so that they can be well balanced in their service and to development their faculties through the ethical principles taught by the Spiritism.    

The Medium channeling when practiced with love, devotion and selflessness provides balance and peace for its bearer.         


2) What are the Medium activities in a spirit center?

The main Medium activities in spirit centers are the removal of persecuting spirits and the assistance to spirits with troubles.

Some centers also dedicate a department toward health afflictions and cures through the Medium through a variety of methods. The Mediumís faculties are also used as contacts with spiritual guides, to receive messages, write books, and many other purposes directed toward the well being of humanity.

Aside from these services there are Mediums that have special talents in the arts who receive famous artist from the spiritual world and there by perform works of art, such as paintings, musical compositions, etc,.




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