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The evolutionary mechanisms of reincarnation

and the law of cause and effect are the most important

 knowledge that humanity has ever received

to help us understand why we are here.

Through the comprehension of these mechanisms,

we can understand why there are so many

 sicknesses, sufferings, frustrations and innumerable

variations in the states of human life.




Action and Reaction


 Quite often, we experience situations which seem incredibly unfair to us.

Just beside the slam, where so much suffering and poverty can be found, we will find the sumptuous mansion, whose inhabitants profit from all that money and society can afford. Every moment, at different parts of the Earth, new children are born, some healthy and other sick, or with deformities or serious limitations. While part of humanity seems to being born with good disposition, dignified and honest, others demonstrate, since their early age, a true tendency towards stealing, lying, hypocrisy and cruelty.

The same can be said about intelligence, which is not essentially hereditary, given that many geniuses of science and intellectuality were sons and daughters of regular or not very brilliant parents. Meanwhile, parents of great intellect have often generated offspring with limited capabilities.

Then, we ask ourselves why so many – and so painful – differences among sons of the same Father? If those who are human, and thus fallible, would barely be able to treat their own sons unfairly and meanly, how could God, who is omnipotent, just, wise and perfect, demonstrate so much incompetence and perversity?

Our senses say it cannot be... that there must be another explanation, otherwise, we would just fall into disbelief and denial; and we would suffer even more with the void that a lack of faith leave inside us. The creature without faith is like a lamp that is turned off, in the middle of darkness.

Luckily, the day to get acquainted with the fact that reincarnation exists will come to everyone and so will the realisation of the law of action and reaction (or cause and effect), which is called karma by eastern societies.

This knowledge leaves us at peace with the existence and we begin to see God, the universe and the mechanisms of life under another light.

We hence understand that we have already lived through many existences in the material world, and that we are the results of what we were and did in our past lives. We also understand that God is neither responsible for our inclinations, good or bad, nor for our understanding and skills, diseases and sufferance. We, ourselves, are responsible for the manner in which lived our past existences, and also our present one. All that we have been is reflected on our present life. It is the “law of return” that gives everything we accomplished in the past, recent or distant, back to us. The planting is free, but the harvesting is compulsory.

However, it is necessary to point out that the karma is not “negative” only, it can also be positive. That is, it is our "life account", with an outstanding balance, be it negative or positive. It is the return of bad and good things, of actions and omissions we committed throughout incarnations, and which can be attenuated by the practice of love and goodness. It is always important to remember what the apostle said: “Love covers a multitude of sins”. This means that if we dedicate part of our time and possibilities, our love, our work, a word, and  material resources with the aim of diminishing our neighbour's pain, or if we are able to show him/her a new path filled with more light and hope, our own life will be less painful to ourselves, as we are making ourselves useful to others. This guidance was provided by Jesus when He said "To each according to his work".

It is also relevant to understand that not all sufferance is karmic, since they often represent our own need of evolvement. Pain is a divine messenger which work as a wake up call to the immortal values of the spirit. It is pain which shake us up and make us move forward, way from spiritual motionlessness. We may get closer to God by suffering, as well.

It so happens that many spirits, while planning their future incarnation, ask their mentors to be born with handicaps or other difficulties, with the aim of avoiding subsequent spiritual failures.

The spirit André Luiz, via the psycographic work of Francisco Cândido Xavier (Chico Xavier), tells us a story about a women who requested to reincarnate with a certain physical defect so as to preserve herself from certain challenges and temptations, given that in her previous incarnation she had been very pretty and had had a spiritual fall caused by the abuse of sex.   

Other spirits programme their incarnations in such way as to face various difficulties, so as not to have spare time to be spent in addictions or vicious behaviours which had already affected them in past lives.

Our faults and all to evil we have done are stored in our deep conscious. While in the spiritual world, we have better access to these memories, and the moment comes when we feel the need to get rid of this heavy weight. We work then towards being able to have another incarnation on Earth, with the aim of redeeming ourselves as well as progressing and moving forward in our spiritual evolution.

As we can see, the Law of Action and Reaction is a manifestation of God's perfect justice and wisdom towards His creatures.



Fraternity feelings have the power to relax,

eliminate the stress and make the better circulation

 of energies possible in the organism.

It brings health and well-being.


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